Croissants in DC/Arlington


My wife and I are budding croissant fans, and we’re trying to remember the places in DC/Arlington where we’ve had the best ones.

Our developing theory of croissant criticism is that a croissant must have certain features:

  • A crispy exterior with thin, flaky layers
  • A crewy interior with discernable layers
  • A flavor balanced between butter, salt, and breadiness

Most croissants fail in one of two directions: either they are crispy on the outside but papery on the inside, with a completely cross-linked structure; or, they are chewy on the inside but not crispy on the outside. The second category can be helped by reheating in a toaster oven; the first category is a loss.

OK, so here’s the list we have:

  • Paul: I resisted this place, because it’s a chain. I assumed it couldn’t have the quality of something from a standalone shope. But this is the best we’ve had in DC. The exterior is flaky, with those delicious little crunchy corners, and the inside is almost ropy. Amazing.

List to be updated as we order from other places and remember to write it down!