Parsing options and arguments in ruby


There are lots of command line parsers for ruby. To my mind, optparse seems clunky, Thor is verbose and focused on a particular need (subcommands), and Trollop has a beautiful DSL syntax but is an option parser (and so doesn’t do positional arguments).

A lot of the scripts I write are small and do one little thing, but I can never remember what the syntax is. I wanted a command-line parser that would have the nice syntax of Trollop but allow for positional arguments, automatic generation of help messages, etc.

I ended up writing arginine, which I bolted on top of optparse. It’s maybe not the most beautiful code, but it does everything I want. Trollop uses will find its syntax familiar:

<code>require 'arginine'
par = Arginine::parse do
  arg :my_first_arg
  arg "my second arg"
  opt :my_option
  flag :my_flag
  argf "input files"

Calling script.rb arg1 arg2 --my_option opt1 --my_flag file1 file2 returns a hash par with values {:my_first_arg => 'arg1', "my second arg" => arg2, :my_option => 'opt1', :my_flag => true}. The file1 file2 are left available for line-by-line iteration with ARGF.