cheaphints for hammerspoon


I’m a big fan of using the keyboard. I was really excited when I found I could get vim-like control of Chrome with vimium. Basically, when in Chrome, I hit a key, and I get onscreen keyboard “hints” for each link. To follow a link, you press that key.

I wanted the same kind of functionality for managing my desktop. Rather than fumbling around with repeated cmd+tabs, I wanted to press a key, see a list of windows, and press another key to get there.

Hammerspoon seemed like the tool that would let me get there. There is even a builtin hints functionality, but I didn’t really like it: the pictures show up in random places on the screen, it’s kind of slow, and I can’t press escape to escape.

I wrote my own extension, which I called cheaphints to get around those problems. You press cmd+alt+E, then just one key to get to your window of choice. Or press escape to escape! Voila.