I was one of the members of the founding class of Communication Fellows in the MIT Biological Engineering Communication Lab. The Fellows provide communication support for scientist-students, both undergrad and grad, and postdocs.

While in the lab, I coached clients on tasks like lab reports, fellowship applications, faculty applications, and professional-networking emails. I coached over 100 client sessions and developed content for multiple workshops.

I also co-led a project to develop a set of resources designed specifically for use by scientists and engineers online. We aimed to make a unique resource that meets scientists where they are, giving guidelines and examples written in the idiom of their specific discipline and writing task.

In collaboration with my advisor, Eric Alm, I prototyped an adaptive assessment tool to supplement the flipped classroom. We intend to tailor existing adaptive learning algorithms and tools to students in an introductory thermodynamics class. We aim to create a tool that helps students gain core knowledge and provide the instructor with an assessment of student preparedness.


I was one of the founding members of the MIT Biological Engineering REFS program. REFS programs provide confidential, peer-to-peer conflict management coaching to Biological Engineering grad students. The Refs who provide coaching are trained and certified in conflict management and mediation. The REFS program also identifies points of systematic stress for students and advocates for policy that relieves those stressors.

I was also Diversity Co-Chair for the Biological Engineering Graduate Board for two years. During my tenure, I piloted new events: BE Biographies, in which grads share their personal histories, beliefs, and attitudes; a BE Talent Show; a Foods of Our Lives, which is like Biographies but for dinner; a discussion about ethical reasoning about careers. I initiated a pilot survey that investigated diversity-related discrimination among students and co-led the development of a more in-depth survey designed to guide departmental actions and policy about student and faculty diversity.