Scott Olesen

I am Scientific Director at OpenBiome, a non-profit stool bank based in Boston.

I did my Postdoctoral Fellowship with Yonatan Grad at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. I studied the relationships between antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance using mathematical modeling and large databases of medical records.

In my PhD with Eric Alm, I developed quantitative and statistical methods for microbial ecology and clinical trial design. I aim to merge quantative microbial ecology with my research on antibiotic consumption and resistance.


PhD : MIT (2016)
Biological Engineering
My thesis is on the publications page.

MPhil : University of Cambridge (2012)

MASt : University of Cambridge (2011)
Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics

BA : Williams College (2010)


During my postdoc I served as the President of the Harvard Chan Postdoc Association. I was a founding member of MIT’s Biological Engineering Communciation Lab, where I co-led the development of the first CommKit, a guide to communication tasks designed by scientists for scientists. I was also a founding member of the MIT Biological Engineering REFS, a peer-to-peer conflict management and mentoring program, and a Diversity Chair on the department’s graduate student board.

I’m a fan of games, including Go and thinky card games. I hate repeating myself, so I’m interested in the optimal way to explain rules to new players.

I produced this list of Modern Greek vocabulary that might be helpful for learners.